Wednesday, May 04, 2005

labyrinth walk

I decided to stop by the labyrinth tonight to take a walk. Yes, there is an actual labyrinth made of bricks within a mile of my house. Imagine that. I was walking down the Quinnipiac Linear Trail (yes, it follows the Quinnipiac River--my pool of souls--slightly upstream from the photos below) toward the labyrinth when a man who was sitting on a bench with his daughter called to me.
I went over to them and the man said, "Sorry to call you over like that, but you have to make a wish" and gave me a dandelion. I thought it was sweet, if a little strange, and blew away the seeds and made a wish. Then he said, "I know this isn't the usual way, but you have to tell what your wish was." I told them the truth: health, wealth and peace. The daughter, who was maybe 8, said, "I don't know what that means" and her father explained it nicely--not exactly what I meant, but close enough. That you have nothing if you don't have your health, and that in itself health is a form of wealth, and wealth doesn't mean money but having enough to be happy, and peace is no fighting and calmness. He was a guy around my age, shaved head, but not scary looking. I said, "Thank you for giving me a wish" and both of them were astonished. He tried to get her to say "you're welcome" but she was suddenly shy, and I tucked the empty stalk into my pocket and kept going. When I got to the first trickle of water, I tossed it in and said my usual "Thank you for yesterday, thank you for today, thank you for tomorrow."
The labyrinth is right around the corner. It's a 7 circuit labyrinth. (I found some pictures of it being constructed.) I walked it, mediated for a few minutes in the center while dogs barked madly at me from the path, and then walked out. The man & his daughter were gone.
No where along the path did I see any dandelions gone to seed, only yellow ones.

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