Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy 9 Cib 9 Cib 14 Zip

This is the first of the ones I'm doing in advance, since I'll be away all weekend. I find it really hard to connect and write these on off-days. When I was writing my book, Jaguar Nights, I wrote the 13 of each day sign on the day signs themselves--for 20 days I locked myself in my office each morning and didn't emerge until I had written 13 horoscopes, 13 natal scopes, and 13 energetic profiles (such as what I'm doing here) for each day sign. Sometimes I did it by lunch, and sometimes I went hungry.

Cib, the vulture, cleans up the dirt in the world and makes it shiny and clean and new. An ugly creature with a beautiful purpose. Just goes to show you that you can't judge by appearances. Icky, ugly, bald, stinking vultures--who needs them? We do.

Up here in New England, crows & seagulls fulfill the vulture's role. I guess we have vultures. I saw one once. I was on my way to a ritual and it flew right in front of my car. And it was a Cib day. He was saying hello!

9: energy is getting high. Cut your ties. Clean your house. Take a walk, carry a bag with you and pick up all the trash on your route.

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soulcompanion2700 said...

Hi Gevera,

That was a powerful sign having that vulture fly in front of your car. They are also concidered messengers of the Gods. I hope your weekend is going well.