Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy 11 Etznab 11 Etznab 16 Zip

Today I will talk about the Dreamspell version of Etznab (I don't like it, but I must acknowledge it). They call Etznab the hall of mirrors. It's a place where nothing is as it seems-tall people are fat, fat people are thin, normal people are hideously ugly and the deformed are restored to wholeness.
This relates to the concept that we create our own reality. (if you haven't seen "What the Bleep Do We Know" yet, see it. Or come to my screening on June 8th in Meriden.) When we don't recognize that we create our own reality, we live in a hall of mirrors where everything is distorted and warped. We think we are powerless. We think we are victims. We have no idea how to change our world.

11 is of course a master number. A day to become master of your own destiny, and change your reality. For the last 2 days, you cleaned your environment and changed your life. Do it consciously.

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