Tuesday, May 24, 2005

happy 5 Eb & Huna's "aka" strands, Indra's Net, and the Web of Love 5 Eb 10 Zip
day 252 of 260

Eb is the road/the path/the life journey, and it's also the grass which grows beside the road. The Aztec glyph is a jawbone with grass growing from it. Dreamspell calls Eb the grail, for reasons no one can explain (but it's one of the many reasons I dislike Dreamspell). After doing hundreds of readings based on these archetypes, I have come to realize that Eb's grass often symbolizes a web of Karma binding us.
This goes back to my Huna training, where every interaction we have with another person binds us to that person with a gossamer strand of aka. If you just smile at someone in the supermarket and never see them again, you have that single strand only, and eventually it will dissipate and go away. But those you see frequently-family, friends, coworkers-you are constantly building up more aka (karma). If you've ever seen inside a large cable, you've seen that it's make of medium sized cables twisted together, and inside those cables are strands of twisted wire, and those strands are made of very thin filiments of copper. And such it is with karma. Hundreds and thousands of strands of aka twist together and tie us all together. This is also Indra's net and what my friend Steve Rother of Lightworker.com calls the Web of Love.

Wow, I'm really off topic today. Or maybe not. Just proof of how everything is connected by aka & Eb!

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