Wednesday, May 18, 2005

my personal transformation

So lately people have been saying to me how different I look. I feel different, I feel better. My leg looks better, and I can walk more easily. I went for a colonic yesterday, and as usual I did excellent (how nice to be good at something!) and lots of that horrible orange bile came out. I think I waited too long in between--the last one I had was in April, when I had the liver flush. The colonic guy insisted that I am much thinner and I've clearly lost weight. I know my stomach, while still large, is extremely soft and deflated. I feel like if I got a proper type of girdle I could squeeze it almost flat. It's just lots of loose skin, hardly any fat, basically like an "apron" (which you get after weight loss surgery). But last time I had a great colonic & I weighed myself I didn't lose any weight.
I dutifully weighed myself this morning before my morning cup o' tea (which still makes me sick--it's the milk--I need to find something else to have for breakfast)...and I gained weight. I had lost about 20 lbs and I've gained 10 lbs back. How fucking discouraging.

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