Tuesday, May 31, 2005

happy 12 Cauac! 12 Cauac 17 Zip

Getting to the end now...tomorrow's the last day of this Tzolkin.

Cauac is the rain, the storm, the gathering clouds, the energy of the Source.This weekend we called upon Omeoteotl (which is pronounced something like "Oh-Ma-Tay-oh") for everything. Omeoteotl is the dual-sexed creator deity of the Atztecs. Luckily I already knew that, and I knew the spelling. This wasn't explained--everyone was just Omeoteotl-ing all over the place. Omeoteotl is one name for the Source. I also associate Cauac with Reiki and other types of energy healing which channel Universal Life Energy for healing & manifestation.

Cauac is the blessings of the gods. May you be blessed today & every day.

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