Thursday, May 05, 2005

happy 12 Ben & 05/05/05 gate 12 Ben 11 Uo

Ben is a fun day. The book for the Mayan Oracle cards calls Ben "the skywalker" which is just way too Star Wars for me! I always think of a line from a Led Zeppelin song..."I am a traveler of both time & space, to be where I have been" ("Kashmir") to remind me of the movement that Ben implies. Ben is star wisdom, wisdom from non-ordinary sources, extra-dimensional's not the wisdom of a person sitting in a chair channeling. It's the wisdom of someone who is on a vision quest. And it's APPLIED wisdom. Not just to climb the mountain cuz it's there...but to come back and tell everyone not only what's on top (or on the other side!)...but how to get there.

12 is high, high energy. Vision quest energy if you can handle it. In 40 days it will be 13 Ben--a day to go out into the forest with a bottle of water and a compass and see what the gods tell you.

It's also Cinco De Mayo and 05/05/05.

Cinco de Mayo, of course, is a Mexican holiday which Americans celebrate by drinking lots and lots of Corona and Dos XX beer.

Today is the 05/05/05 gate, the 5th gate in a series of 12. The first four, obviously, were 01/01/01, 02/02/02, etc. Perhaps all the drama in my life in the last few days was in prepation for this new energy coming through. These gates are opening to let us access more of our essential selves. Remember that we are atoms in the body of god--these gates let us sense more of what we're a part of, and how we work together. Multi-dimensional energies are coming in, new abilities, new children.

The last gate is 12/12/12 and then 9 days later, of course, is the grand galactic alignment of 12/21/12-- on the long count.

We are given 13 months (one per moon!) between each gate to assimilate the new energies. Use it wisely & enjoy!

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