Thursday, May 12, 2005 connection?

Last night, about an hour after I noticed my poor fishie's lack of a tail, I was watching South Park (the evil parallel universe episode--about a killer fish!) and putting lotion on the cracks in my feet (I wear sandals constantly) and I noticed that one of my toenails was kind of sticking out weirdly. I was looking for the clippers and in the meantime I poked at it, and it fell off.
No pain, no sensation at all. Just came off.
On the way to work, I saw the connection: my fish lost a tail, I lost a toenail. Certainly Whiskers got the bad end of the deal, but I know fish often die for their owners, taking on diseases which kill them instead of their owners getting sick.
And it's on my LEFT foot, the same leg that swells.
Something to think about.

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