Sunday, June 12, 2005


I picked up some kind of bug while at the hospital with my grandmother on Friday. By Friday afternoon, I felt totally exhausted and drained and my head was aching. I even got to swim in the afternoon at my therapist's house, which should have cured all my ills, but it did not.
I came home from my mom's around 9:00 and went right to bed. Yesterday I woke up feeling worse. I tried to go grocery shopping and felt so dizzy that I had to leave the store after only putting 4 things in my cart (I did manage to pay for them, barely). My heart was racing, I was having cold and hot flashes, and I honestly didn't know if I could drive myself home. I slept until dinner time. Since I hadn't purchased any food (only dayquil, nyquil, and an electric toothbrush) we went out to eat. My food came to me wrong twice and I told them to take it off the bill. How hard is it to remember "no sauce, fries well done" The first time, the sauce was there and it was slopped all over everything, ruining it. I sent it back. The next time, the fries were limp and cool. I have zero patience for stuff like that when I don't feel good. Give me what I ordered. I'm not paying $8 for food that's not prepared how I requested. We watched the Whole 10 Yards (funny, but not the greatest movie ever) and then some pretty horrible horror movie on Sci-fi channel about the Day of the Dead in Mexico. They did a good job setting up the story and then it just fell apart. I fell asleep before it was over, and woke up this morning with just a splitting headache (right across my forehead and behind my eyes) so I've taken a double dose of liquid-gel aspirin (the only kind that works for me).
So that is why I did not post the daykeeping information for a few days.

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