Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Ah, Cimi. Ch-ch-changes. (David Bowie, for those who don't like my singing.) Transformation, death, rebirth. If you don't like the situation you're in, you can do two things. Change yourself, or change the situation. Most of the time it's easier to change your reaction to it. If you think someone is a real jerk, look at what about him pushes your buttons. He's loud and inconsiderate? He swears? He drives badly? The only things about others which affect us are what we have in ourselves and fear. Other people are mirrors. We react to what we see in US, not what we see in THEM. When the jerk gets loud, modulate your own voice. When he nearly runs over the handicapped guy from the mail room screeching out of the parking lot to go for lunch, ease your own foot off the gas. Some day you'll realize that he no longer bothers you, that maybe he's still a jerk, but you don't care.
That's mastery.
Mastery is not what most think it is. They think being a master at something is doing it great. But being a master means you don't even see it. The things you have mastered in life are invisible to you. Look at the things around you that your friends and co-workers struggle with. How many of them can you say "I don't get it, it's no big deal?" to? Those are what you've mastered.
I can't think of something that doesn't bother me...because those things don't bother me! So why should I think about them?
6 is getting to be balanced energy. I've felt so sluggish ramping up this Tzolkin.
Hopefully I'll feel better over the next few days.

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