Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy 3 Muluc 3 Muluc 7 Tzec

It's the end of June already, can you believe it? Time is really changing, isn't it?

Muluc-water. Totally appropriate, as it's still raining from yesterday's storm. It's been raining on and off since Monday (when my car got flooded--but that's another whole story, not for here).

Water is usually a good thing. Water can teach us a lot. We absolutely need water to live, but then again we can be poisoned by water and die. (Everything has a toxic level. Everything.) Recently some runners got sick (I think some even died) because during crazed exertion they drank only water, not sports drinks with electrolytes, and their electrolyte balance dropped. Bad. My poor cactuses got flooded yesterday. Bad. My new plants got a great big drink down to their roots. Good. See, it's all subjective.

That's how the Maya and Aztecs and other meso-American people had so many gods. In reality, they were all just faces of each other. Water can bless or drown. In war, the war god blesses one side and turns his face from the other side. There's four faces right there. Chalchiutlicue rules over a different type of water than Tlaloc. And the Maya call Tlaloc Chac Mol. (And off the shore of Cozumel, if you snorkel there, there are sunken Chac Mol statues about 30-40' out--how cool is that??)

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