Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy 10 Akbal 10 Akbal 1 Tzec

Akbal--darkness, secrets, place of transformation. Think of Akbal as the coccoon the caterpillar goes into to transform into a beautiful butterfly. If you feel the urge to withdraw and contemplate your navel today, go for it. (or float in a pool and do a breathing meditiation!) You might feel like the pressures on you are unbearable--and just think, we're only at TEN. The universe can (and will) crank it up three more notches!

I'm excited because in 20 days is 4 Akbal, my Tzolkin birthday, and in 14 days is my actual birthday. I think that's the closest they come together again in my lifetime. Though it's not 4 Akbal 6 Tzec coming (that's when I'm 52, and it will be at the end of June that year, still about 3 weeks different from my human birthday--I mean, Julian birthday).

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