Friday, June 24, 2005

dream (10 akbal)

For some reason, I was taking classes in Conversational French, which I have no interest in. But I screwed up and thought the classes started at the time they ended, so I missed the first one. My husband was taking classes at the same school, so since I was there & had missed my class I went to his with him. It was some kind of really advanced mathematics (he's a math minor). There were no numbers involved. It was like "a circle plus a car equals a tree" and then the teacher would explain why a circle added to a car did not equal a house, for instance. And it wasn't numerology. So you can imagine how bored I was, even in the dream.
Somehow I hooked up with my sister in law and we were going to some gathering. Maybe a drumming circle? Something pagan or new agey. For whatever reason, we went to my friend Beth's house. Beth in real life lives in Rhode Island; the house where she lived with her mother is not far from where we went in the dream, but in the dream the house was much larger and it was her father's house. Even though in the dream as in real life I hadn't seen Beth for several years, Susie and I walked right into the house and started calling for her. We found her upstairs. I think she had one of her kids with her. She was a little confused to find us there, (especially since she doesn't know Susie) but she said sometimes she commuted to work from her dad's place because it was closer to where she worked (it isn't, unless she works somewhere else now). We explained about the gathering and she said as soon as her father came home we could go. Her dad came home and we went, but we couldn't find it after all.
Hmm, twice in one dream, just missing what I was trying to get to. Going to the class at the wrong time and not being able to find the gathering.

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