Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy 2 Lamat 2 Lamat 6 Tzec

Today's my Haab birthday-6 Tzec. I never paid attention to it before or celebrated it. My "real" birthday is in 9 days and my Tzolkin birthday's also coming up. 3 birthdays in one month, aren't I lucky?

Lamat--star, rabbit, divination. I recently posted the rabbit-in-the-moon lamat picture. I've been back into the I-ching lately and I really want to find a way to blend it with my shamanic work. My friend Berhard of has tried it, but his way doesn't match up that good for me. I want to do it differently. My friend Ladyhawke and I are going to write a book on it. So that's my divination stuff for today. I've also been looking at the spiral structure of western (sun-sign) astrology lately.

Low number day, good day to start.

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