Tuesday, June 28, 2005

litany of woes

Last night I was down in West Haven and it started to rain. I was driving my husband's car and my car was in the driveway with the windows open. I called home and asked my husband to close the windows for me. This morning, my car was flooded. But he had nicely put a trash bag and towel over my seat.
I overslept this morning so I'm feeling very rushed in everthing.
Last night my husband came upstairs around 10:30 and asked if I'd seen our white cat. I hadn't. We searched the house, opened a can of food, called him. He was no where in the house. But there's a hole in the accordian-thingy on the air conditioner and he maybe could have squeezed through that...but he has agoraphobia, he's terrified of going outside. My husband said he did hear a ruckus and a thud from the living room. Maybe the cats were wrestling on top of the love seat and Nutter fell through the hole? I don't know. But my little white kitty was gone! My husband got dressed and went tramping outside, looking under the porches since that's where he goes when he's outside, and guess where he was? In the excavated part of the circle, wet and muddy, cowering in terror. He wouldn't let me wash him so I just wiped him with a rag.
This morning when I got up, the other large cory was dead. He'd been mopey and his tail was bitten off. Damn those mean bettas. I haven't decided if I'm going to replace him. I fed him to the sacred cactus.
And I think I'm getting pink-eye. Yesterday my eyes were so dry that when I blinked they crackled (and I drank a lot of water yesterday) and today they just feel weird.

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