Friday, June 03, 2005

Happy 2 Ik & Zotz takes the throne 2 Ik 0 Zotz Day 2/260

Zotz means bat in some dialects of Mayan. So the Bat god takes the throne today--that is the meaning of the 0 dates, the taking of the throne. I imagine the god of the previous month departing, nodding a greeting, and standing there respectfully while the next god settles in, maybe puts down a different cushion, puts the drink on the other arm of the chair, puts his feet up.

Ik is the Tree of Life, the great T which marks places of water. Water is the West, West is the Pool of Souls, the departed/dead, the ancestors. If you choose to build a Circle, as I have, your Tree should be to the West. The tree is called Wakah Chan (which I think I misspelled). All spent izta (candle wax, incense ashes, dead flowers) gets thrown into the nearest body of water to the west, which is your Pool of Souls. (I have previously written about my Pool of Souls, which is the Quinnipiac River. While I was away this weekend, it claimed a soul--some guy flipped his ATV over the bridge where I throw my offerings, and drowned.)

2 is very low energy. Not a day to commune with the dead.

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