Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Happy 7 Manik 7 Manik 5 Zotz

7 is a great number, balanced energy, not to much, not too little. Refreshing after a week of sloggy low energy.

Manik is the deer and the hand of god or being a tool of the gods. Makes me think about being a human angel. That means that you say, out loud, that you are willing to be where you need to be in order to be a human angel to someone else. You may tell the person something directly, they may overhear you saying it to someone else, or it may even be hearsay ("I heard this person say..."). Maybe all you need to do is let someone get in front of you in a line at a store, or in a traffic jam. Who knows? The point is that YOU DON'T KNOW when it's happening. The other person might not even know.
The other thing that's part of it is when babies stare at you (strange babies, not your own or friend's kids). They are absorbing your energy, taking a picture of your soul to refer to later. I'm not a big fan of babies, but when I feel one connect I always smile and acknowledge what's going on.

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