Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Okay, I get it already.

I am powerless over my surroundings (but not a victim).

So how do I get past recognizing that I am powerless into whatever comes next?

What does come next?

What prompted this itrade, you might ask? My window came back. After FIVE weeks. (For those of you new to the blog, my house was broken into at the beginning of May.) As the man was carrying it into the house, I noticed that the frame was awfully dirty. Lots of black dirt. Kinda like...the fingerprint powder the cops use...funny that they'd use black powder like that when making a whole new window, isn't it?

So he installs the window and I go to look at it, pull it down...and, strangely, it comes right out of the track. Because the latch is broken. You know--the latch that the fucking criminal who broke into my house busted to break into my house.

Funny that a NEW WINDOW would have the same FINGERPRINT POWDER on it as the OLD WINDOW and also the SAME BROKEN LATCH, eh?

They didn't replace the window. Nope. They stuck some new glass in it and brought back the old, broken bad-energy window.

I cried and called my husband and called my insurance company and called the glass company and the owner of the glass company got in his truck and drove to my house and I cried some more because I have a nasty old broken-latched burglar-energy window in my living room now.


Why does this keep happening to me?

Oh, that's right, stuff happens to me that I don't like BECAUSE I AM POWERLESS.

I wish I drank. I'd drink now.

But at least I'm not eating. Nope. Not eating. That's a positive step.

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