Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy new Tzolkin! 1 1 1 Imix 19 Zip

1 is normally low energy. It can also mean inchoate energy. (I always liked that word and assiciated with Choate-Rosemary Hall, the expensive prep school near where I grew up, even though it's pronounced differently.) Or beginning energy, birth energy. Today is the latter two, not the former one. It's the first of the first.

Imix (Cipactli--water monster- in Aztec) is mother earth, turtle island, the crocodile who cares for her young so lovingly yet has a savage streak.

It's the first portal day of this Tzolkin, the first reaping, incoming portal day. Now all the things we prayed for and wished for in the last half of the previous Tzolkin cycle (130 days) will be coming to us.

Don't put off things until tomorrow. Start them today. It's a form of New Year's Day. Make resolutions. Be as you wish to be for the next 260 days. You want to sleep late, eat junk food, smack around your girlfriend? Go for it. You want to diet, exercise , read spiritual things, think happy thoughts? Go for it.


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