Friday, June 17, 2005

circle rebuilding

Yesterday I bought 50 curved edging stones for the new Circle 50 stones x 9# each = 450# and I lifted them into the cart, then into the car, and helped unload them at home. That's at least 1,000# of material moved. No wonder I hurt today!
This afternoon me and dad are going back to HD to get 30 more curved stones. Not that he helps much, but he feels useful. Would have been nice to have had someone with me last night! Except then I don't think I could have taken 50, as it was my Pathfinder was totally sluggish. Couldn't put 200# more of person in there too.
It's cool out again today (67 degrees F as I write) so we should be able to do more work this afternoon. I have some pictures, will post later. My friend Chule Balam suggested I do some video too.
I had an epiphany about how to do the day-sign columns on the way to work this morning. I'm going to talk to my husband and see if my idea will work.
When we dug out the Tree of Life, the base had all rotted from dampness. So much for pressure-treated wood. It was left over from the front porch; maybe I should treat the front porch with some kind of sealant, huh?

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