Saturday, June 04, 2005

Happy 3 Akbal 3 Akbal 1 Zotz

In 40 days it's my Mayan birthday, and in 34 or so days it's my other birthday. I think this is the closest they come together again.

Akbal is the place of transformation, and what my husband and I worked on today was transforming our yard. We are digging up the Circle, putting up concrete posts honoring the daysigns, re-doing the small garden & the cactus garden, putting junipers all along the side of the fence where the rat might have come from, and also in the front of the yard. My husband also wants to build a deck in the back yard, which will butt against the gardens, so we are thinking how that will work. I found a 4-leaf clover which I gave to my dragon ritual.

I decided NOT to go back to Kapulli Chaplin this weekend for another sweat. They are segregating the sexes and my husband wanted to come along.

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