Wednesday, June 29, 2005

rain gods are visiting

What a beautiful thunderstorm we had today! At around 2:15 it started to get dark and really pour down rain. Lightning struck so close to where I work that car alarms were going off! Shortly after that came the sirens...funny how they are so entwined in my mind from years of summer storms with massive lightning and thunder followed by fire trucks taking off.

I had to take my husband's car into the shop and I was standing outside waiting for a ride home and just feeling so very PAGAN. How can anyone be outside looking at that dark grey sky as lightning forks down all over and thunder rumbles the very building you're leaning against, and not understand why the ancients worshipped gods in the storm? The rain was coming down so hard it was pouring off the roof, and the gutter downspouts were gushing several feet straight out into the parking lot, and still unable to handle all the rain. I greeted Tlaloc and his tlaloques, and Chac Mol, and even Thor.

I love that kind of warm summer rain
. I could stand outside in it all day. I would have gone swimming but for the lightning (and lack of a car to get there). I never feel more pagan than when I am calling the lightning. And call it I did. It was coming down all around the building where I waited! And as I got a ride home, it hit the United Concrete building just when we drove by. It's all energy, it's all good.

When I got home, my sacred cactus dish garden was totally flooded. It was right below the corner of the porch roof and water was pouring directly into the pot. I managed to pour most of the water out, but the pot is too big and heavy for me to lift so I just pushed it away. My husband tried to lift it to move it onto the porch and the pot broke. Oops. Guess I have to get a new pot. The cactus is in no danger, but it can't be moved again. And it lives in the house during the winter so we have to be able to move it.

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