Thursday, June 09, 2005

Happy 8 Lamat 8 Lamat 6 Zotz

It's 8 Lamat, so if you are one who celebrates the 8s of each daysign, today's the day for the Rabbit/Star.

I love the fact that the Aztecs saw a rabbit in the moon, where we see a man. Someday I will get a picture of the full moon and draw the rabbit--he's pretty easy to see once you figure it out.

I also love it that rabbits represent drunkenness. Think of how a rabbit hops erratically-over here, over there, and then randomly freezes in place. Easy to think how one would think it was drunk! I also love what I call "bunny time" which is during the blue hour, right around sunset, when all the red leaches from the air and everything looks blue, and if you go to Hammonasett beach at that time, there are rabbits everywhere. I counted ninety during one trip.

The Star is the Mayan translation, and it's the planet Venus. It also represents astrology and astronomy, and today I am reading a really good book on astrology to celebrate.

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