Friday, June 17, 2005

(picture) Circle 06-16-05

Circle 06-16-05, as it looked from the same window I took the September 04 picture.
We have removed all the sand (the light parts are sand which sifted through the weed barrier) and the weed barrier, and outlined the new dual-edged Circle with hot pink paint.
Can you believe I got CARDED at Home Depot buying the paint on Sunday? The woman, who was approximately 110 years old herself, asked me if I was 21. I told her how old I am. She just looked at me and demanded to see proof. Now I know I don't look my age, but I don't look that young either. Sheesh.
Anyway, the new Circle will have a double edging of curved stones. In between them will be a mound of cedar chips. In the cedar chips will be 20 concrete pillars with the Mayan daysigns inscribed on them with Garden Poetry tiles. The Tree will be in the outer ring of stone. In the center will be beach sand.
We are digging out the center and removing all the tree roots and grass roots. We are putting down better weed barrier (professional grade) and then a layer of stones for drainage, and then the sand.Posted by Hello

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