Monday, June 05, 2006

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I don't remember what I dreamed about the other night but I woke up thinking of the phrase "crazy for you". I started thinking about some stupid things I've done in the name of "love" (we won't get into if I actually loved these people or if I was just deluded). No, I'm not going to list them here--this isn't a true confessions blog.
I was just thinking that there have been times that I have done inexplicable things, acts that if I was in my "right" mind (whatever that is) I never would have contemplated. And it seems to me that being "in love" really is a form of insanity. And that there is such a fine line between an attentive lover and an obsessive stalker. (I have never been a stalker or been stalked.)
If you have a boyfriend who has flowers delivered to you at work and leaves love notes under your windshield wipers, that's sweet and all your friends will be jealous. If some guy you used to work with at Burger King when you were 17 does it, he's a stalker and he gets arrested.
The only difference is how YOU feel about HIM.
It seems to me like "Crazy for you" is one of those phrases people throw around who don't have any knowledge of impeccable language. Other phrases to avoid when living by IL is "killing me" (My back is killing me) "I could have died" (I laughed so hard I could have died).
Look at the phrase. Spell it out completely (we have such lazy syntax & pronunciation in the US--that's how "I could have died" turns into "I could of died" & then "I coulda died")--I am crazy for you.
  • I AM--you are setting up intent with the most powerful phrase there is. And even if you DO NOT say "I am" your soul knows when you've lseft it out due to lazy speech. But since you don't hear yourself say "I am" you don't realize what a declaration you are making to the universe.
  • CRAZY--The meaning of "crazy" has gotten watered down to mean someone who is maybe slightly zany (zany is such a good word; no one uses it anymore except maybe movie reviewers), but not at all dangerous to the self or others. Just like "mad" only means angry now, not insane, except of course if you're "madly in love" which is pretty much the same as " crazy for you". Crazy means insane, not in your right mind, you might hurt yourself or someone else. And this is your intent, to be this, with the I AM CRAZY.
  • FOR YOU. Have you seen the trailer for the remake of the Omen? Of course you have, it's everywhere. When the nurse or whatever she is kills herself and she says first "It's for you, Damien, it's all for you"--it's the same thing. This gift is FOR YOU is what you say when you hand over a gaily wrapped present (not one wrapped by a fruity man, but a brightly colored smile-inducing present). I bought food for the cats. I do this for you, as a gift. I am insane out, out of my mind, as a gift for you.
Yeech. That's really scary. If someone came up to you and said "I am out of my mind and insane, as a gift for you" you'd run. ("Out of my mind" is another interesting phrase if you think about it. I'll leave that FOR YOU. lol).

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