Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the crystal code (illustrated) (dream) 13 Kan 17 Zip

I had a dream last night about a crystal code. Actually, this morning, like I said, I seem to remember my morning dreams more.

There were a lot of little parts.
My friends Mike and Deanna were living in the back of a bookstore. Except that their apartment wasn't private; it just had a railing and was a little higher than the bookstore. Like an alcove. It was strange to shop there and see them going about their lives a few feet away. I saw a book with a blue cover that was on astronomy or astrology and they wanted a lot of money for it, and it was a book I had at home which I'd bought for around $10. I don't know if that one was a special edition or what, or if I just got a hell of a deal on mine. Basically there was a whole section of oversized books (like the blue one) on all kinds of subjects. And although they were expensive and rare people were allowed to browse them like any other books. These books were on a shelf perpendicular to the railing to Mike & D's apartment.
Then they moved to North Haven (on that little road between route 5 and Anthem) but I didn't visit them (I rarely do-long story). For some reason Beth did but that's all I know about that.
I went back to the bookstore and I was looking through a book on the Beatles, or by the Beatles, or both, although I'm not really a fan, and I remembered something about one of the other big books there. With me was a guy in a wheelchair. I'm not sure what was wrong with him but he was very thin and couldn't walk and he was a friend of mine. So we went into the back of the store, which had been remodeled and it took us a while to locate those rare oversized books. When we did I realized we were in the section of the store that Mike used to live in and it was kind of creepy but I can't say why. I sat on the floor with the book next to the wheelchair and found what I was looking for: a crystal code. It was extremely complicated. It wasn't like "green fluorite=B" it was the chemical composition of green fluorite=b (or whatever letter) if you were writing it down. I sent off a test message on my phone (and I hate text messages, and I can't imagine how I was able to type chemical formulas on a phone) to this guy Dave I know who's in the Astrological Society of CT who I guess had a copy of this same book (it might have been the blue book) and he was able to read it and send back a message but it was really really slow because for every letter there was this long formula.
I was thinking that if I had enough gemstone chips I could make necklaces with messages spelled out and I started to look around to see if the store sold them. Some kids started harassing my friend in the wheelchair--just because he was in a wheelchair--and he got really pissed off at them and did something with his chair that basically stood him up. Really he was dangling, held by his waist, but he used the motor controls of the chair to chase the kids from the store.
The gemstone code was so cool and I started trying to write it down (so I guess it wasn't in the blue book, since in the dream I owned a copy, unless it was a different edition) and then I realized that no matter how complex the chemical formulas were, it's still just a simple substitution code which any novice code-breaker could bust.
BTW, seeing a blue book and remembering it should prove to those doubters that I dream in color. It just occurred to me! The gemstone pictures in the book were in color too--I remember the pink of rose quartz and something green.

Before I started typing this I was thinking about codes. A friend of mine taught me an alphabet a long time ago which was supposedly from Tolkien--he called it Sindarian but now that I know more about Tolkien I know it wasn't. In fact now I have a font that does it for me--the font is called Elder Futhark or something like that. Anyway, I thought this rune-like alphabet was really cool and I learned to write in it. It wasn't a secret code, it was regular English, just a different alphabet. I wrote to my friend in Texas in this alphabet, figuring that he knew it. He didn't but he said it wasn't difficult to figure out. A simple substitution code.

There is a message on this rock in "Sindarian"; I can send you a higher-resolution version if you want to read it:

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