Tuesday, May 30, 2006

life goes on--and the iris bloom

Having my mother's cousin die has brought to the surface my sadness over losing Goober. Plus I keep calling Prism "Gwennie", and then I remember that Gwennie is dead too. And "Into the West" played on my Launchcast station today and not only did it make me cry, I thought "what a good song to play at a funeral."
I came home today to find that all my iris had bloomed. They look gorgeous. The pictures don't capture the shade of purple that they are. Yet my beloved Goober remains dead, and my cousins mourn their mother, and life goes on.
In the bottom picture, you might see, behind the pink flamingos, in the greenery, the dark head of a Buddha. This Buddha was just donated by High Priestess LadyHawke of Hawke's Creations to my garden. The Buddha is something like 40 years old and is beginning to crumble. It has come to my garden to die in the midst of beauty.
It just doesn't seem right, does it, for flowers to be so gorgeous when someone is dead. But then again they are a reminder aren't they?
Life is fleeting, the beauty of flowers even more so, so enjoy them both while you've got them.

So I share my flowers with you all. Enjoy, and think happy thoughts.

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