Thursday, May 11, 2006

dream musings, pissed off about bird 6 Kan 17 Uo
I just added a picture to my dream post of April 24. I'm going for therapy tonight, where we will no doubt discuss that dream and the one from May 2nd.

Hmm. May 2nd. You're supposed to dream of the person you're going to marry on May 2nd if you wash your face in the morning dew of MayDay. I dreamed of a new house next to a cemetary with a deconscreted chapel behind it, with the beach across the street. But then again I didn't wash my face in dew either.

I have an ad up to buy a female lory or lorikeet for Lance and Zeebo to share. I got a response from a guy who said he had a 12 year old red lory named Molu and he'd sell her to me for $125 including shipping. The bird was supposed to come the day before my ceremony (Friday, 4/28). He didn't ship her, although he claimed to have shipped 25 other birds that day. Then it was supposed to come Sunday 4/30. I stayed home all day because he emailed me at 10:33 that the bird was on the plane en route. I didn't hear back from him all day. Monday he said his grandmother died and he took the bird off the plane. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Then he was going to ship it again last Friday (5/5) and of course he didn't. Over the weekend he asked me for more money because the shipping had gone way up. Since last Friday when he shipped 25 other birds? I don't think so. I called Delta and it's $89. I pointed this out to him and he said it wasn't that easy, blah blah blah so I asked for my money back. If I thought there really was a lonely female red lory named Molu pining away I wouldn't have given up so easy, I'll tell you that.

Of course he promised to try to ship again and if not send my money back.
No money, no bird.

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Anonymous said...

He's pulling the same crap with high school yearbooks -family member died, etc. where did you send money -Oklahoma ?