Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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(partially cross-posted to my Alzheimer's blog)
A family member died on Sunday night. It's my mom's first cousin. She was also my godmother's sister and my grandmother's godchild. My grandmother is devastated. My mother said she thinks this will kill her.
I don't have any details yet. Just that her and her boyfriend were on a motorcycle in Cheshire and they both died. Which is very sad, right?
Before she got married 40 or so years ago, Adriana was engaged to someone else, something happened, they broke up and she married someone else on the rebound. I always thought her husband was a cold fish and in fact in my memories he always seems to have a suit on although the only place I should have seen him with a suit on was at funerals or weddings. My mom said before her divorce Adriana had contemplated or attempted suicide. A couple of years ago she met back up with her long-ago ex, and now this weekend they died together.
Seems like it was meant to be. Not that it's any consolation for her four sons.

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