Friday, June 16, 2006

I feel cursed 3 Ahau 13 Zotz (burner)
This morning when I got up something was wrong with Prism, my new rainbow lory. I didn't like how she was sitting in the cage. She was in the corner and she was lethargic. She didn't eat yesterday either; although I did feed her very late last night because I wasn't home. She didn't eat her breakfast though.
On the way to the vet she had a seizure and died. It was awful. I saw the light go out of her eyes. They went from red to yellow the instant she died. A minute or so later they went back to red and I had hope that maybe she wasn't dead, but she was. She never moved again. I have the tail feather she left behind. I had her for 21 days.
Yesterday when I got up my betta had a big red sore or bite on his jaw. I put some antibiotic into the water thinking he'd scraped his jaw on the gravel. This morning when I got up the cory was dead and he had a big red bite taken out of him--and yesterday he was FINE. I think it' s the pleco.
My insurance company denied all my claims for my therapist so I owe her about a thousand dollar which I don't have.
What a way to end out the manifestation half of the Tzolkin (ends today). Hopefully in 21 days when the intention part begins, I will do better. I have the 21 days in between to reflect on it, which is why I call them Reflection days.
But right now I just feel like crap. I blame myself. I think that shoe we put on Prism to fix her foot killed her somehow. I should have left her damn foot alone. I wanted her to be more comfortable. I guess she is, in heaven where she can be friends with Gwennie and Goober and Scarlett. Maybe it's just female birds I have bad luck with. I feel like bringing Onnie to the vet to get checked.

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