Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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Had a short dream this morning.
In the dream, something was wrong with my eyes so I called a doctor who referred me to another doctor. The first doctor even set up the appointment for me. The 2nd doctor's name was Dr Robert Miller. I went to him and he gave me a drug called Kallin or Callin or Callen or Kallen (something like that) to fix whatever it was that was wrong with my eyes. A while later I went to the first doctor because I didn't feel good. They took some kind of bodily fluid from me, not sure what, and put it in a glass beaker (a large one, maybe a pint). They poured in a reagent and before they even stirred it with the glass rod the liquid turned crimson (it had been clear). I knew from the past that red was bad; it was supposed to turn purple. Red meant I had diabetes. Obviously I wasn't happy about that.
They started asking me all kinds of questions and I said that Dr Robert Miller, who I went to on their referral, had given me this Kallen stuff for my eyes. The doctor pulled out a sheet of paper listing doctor's names and said "did you say 'Robert Miller'?" "Yes" "It was a man you saw?" "yes." It turns out their office had made a mistake, I was supposed to go see a different Dr Miller, a woman. The Doctor Miller I saw didn't know eyes from squat (I forget what kind of doctor he was) and he had given me the wrong medicine and that medicine had given me diabetes.
So right away it became a question of fault. I said, "You guys gave the referral and made the appointment. You said 'Dr Miller' and I went to the Doctor Miller you made the appointment with. So it's your fault." They claimed I should have double-checked the referral, but why and how? Or maybe I should just focus on this wrong doctor who made me sick.
The dream wasn't resolved before I woke up.

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