Wednesday, June 21, 2006

happy Summer solstice

I was just looking at an article on and it said the people at Stonehenge this morning were 5% spiritual and 95% partiers. There were 19,000 people there, about a 1/3 of what goes to watch the snake crawl on the pyramid of Kukulcan. Do you think that's what happens at Chichen Itza for the equinoxes too? That makes me so sad.
One funny quote:
"This is the nearest thing I've got to religion," said Ray Meadows, 34, of Bristol, England. The solstice "is a way of giving thanks to the earth and the universe."
Meadows, wearing a wreath of pink carnations over long pink hair-wrapped braids, identified herself as a fairy of the Tribe of Frog.
One sad quote:
Crowds of partygoers stumbled toward their cars an hour after sunrise, some clutching nearly empty bottles of mixed drinks or beer cans. One described the crowd as 5 percent pagan and 95 percent partygoer. "Some people here are really spoiling it," said Chris Sargent, 37, of Bournemouth. "Once upon a time it was really spiritual." Sargent, clad in a long black jacket and pants, top hat and fighter pilot goggles, drank vodka and Coke from a two-liter soda bottle and confessed that he was "really stoned."
Duh. And you don't think YOUR behavior might be among the spoiling effects?
When I have rituals, my rule is that the alcohol has to stay put away until the ritual is over. And once the alcohol is taken out, the children have to leave. Except as an offering spit onto Mother Earth, alcohol has no place in ritual or sacred behavior.
One of my pagan friends I met through Yahoo answers has a nice article on her blog about the Solstice. However I'm having a problem logging onto Yahoo this morning. This should be the link but it's not working.

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