Monday, June 12, 2006


So during the show on Krakatoa last night, they said repeatedly that if you wanted to read all the documents the show was based on, to go to
Which gives a lovely 404 not found.
I've tried everything to find it--even google, even This isn't the first time this kind of situation has come up for me with the various discovery channels. I don't get it.
If you search for Krakatoa, you get the listings of when it will be on again. (June 17 9 p.m., June 18 1 .m., June 24 2 p.m., June 25 9 a.m.)
That's pretty useless.
I had questions. I guess I'll have to research them myself.
Like about the boiling ash cloud (something-clastic cloud) that killed the baby (and lots of others). Did that ash cloud only go in one direction? Why didn't it hit the lighthouse and the ship? What happened to the ship which survived the tidal wave? Is it in a museum somewhere? What happened to the lighthouse keeper's wife? How about her son's dog, which saved her life?
I also wonder if anyone has thought about doing controlled detonations on volcanoes so their eruptions aren't so destructive. You know, blow a hole, a safety valve, so the pressure doesn't build up. My friend is into volcanos; I'll ask her.

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Anonymous said...

I found it by not usingwww. in the beginning. Http:// got the results I wanted. It's a cool site.