Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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For my birthday (which is in a couple of weeks) Will got us tickets to Nine Inch Nails last night in Hartford (Dodge/formerly known as Meadows). They were "only" fourth row and he apologized.
We get there and yeah, they are 4th row, technically 2nd row because of the way the rows have different lengths. There's only one row between us and the stage...except for a pile of equipment. Now we could care less about Peaches, the opening opening act (her last song trumpeted "SIS-stay in school" to a crowd who was mostly in their 20's and 30's), and the guys in Bauhaus were, um, well I didn't care to much to LOOK at them. Their music was okay. Probably they'd move the equipment, right?
So the guy in front of me (who was from North Haven but used to live here in Wallingford, and his friend who's from Wallingford) and I went on a rampage through the security guards. Our litany: the first two bands sucked, there's no beer, and we paid $55 for seats that we thought were good and they are obstructed view. Now, I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about beer and I didn't think Bauhaus was that bad (as long as your eyes were shut). But I wanted to see Trent up close, damn it.
I think we went through 5 levels of security before we got to a gentleman in a black shirt (we went through yellow, red and blue shirts, several of each). He listened to us and promised to come down and look. He did, and before NIN started he'd moved stand at FRONT AND CENTER against the stage. (We will NOT go into what happened to me 12 years ago when I was front and center at a NIN concert at Roseland in NYC.)
Yes, that's right. I was front row center at Nine Inch Nails last night.
It's about time something went right for me.
Of course my leg hurts SO BAD from standing (and bouncing and dancing) for 2+ hours but hey, I'm getting surgery on it tomorrow.

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