Friday, September 29, 2006

Forced conversion times two (Demon Salt)

I overheard a disturbing conversation at school this week.
Two people started talking about their projects for class. One woman was doing something for her church. Which is fine, and very nice of her. The two got into a discussion of their churches. They were making no attempt to moderate their voices or keep the conversation private, I might add.
The woman said her church encourages homosexuals to join and tells them they can "be themselves" but then preaches to them heavily about how they are sinners going to hell and all kinds of crap. She said this provokes "overnight" conversions back to being straight and all the former gays and lesbians in their church are now married with kids and understand how disgusting they were before in their perversions.
So she is advocating converting people to her "non denominial bible study" AND forcing them to relinquish their biologically programmed sexual identity. That's really tolerant of her. Then again, she claimed that when she was "7" she "knew" the Catholic church was wrong because they were all idol worshippers. When I was 7 I was trying to cast spells. Hmm. Makes you wonder if religion is innate?
Another person sitting nearby brought up Santeria, for reasons I didn't hear, and she jumped all over him. "It's a statue in the corner with a circle of salt. Think about it."
Okay, I'm thinking. What is supposed to come to mind, exactly?
The guy said something about it being a 5,000 year old religion (not true) and she dismissed it as "Satan worship". Kindly explain how a circle of salt equals satan? Demon salt?
I was sitting there with my pen with advertises my friend's witch craft shop and just wanting to lob it across the room into this woman's eye. Or drop it on her desk during break.
But I did neither, and I didn't say anything either.
It's funny, I got a bad feeling from her when I walked in. I ended up having to ask her a question (before I heard the discussion) and I didn't even want to talk to her.

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