Friday, September 08, 2006

Dream 9 Kan 17 Mol
This morning I had a strange dream where I went back to high school for some kind of show--they used to have a student talent show there called Razzle Dazzle but that wasn't it. For some reason I was using a walker but I didn't feel infirm or in pain. I was late to the show so I missed half of it. But supposedly the "grand finale" was going to be the best part anyway, although I didn't know what it was. I paid my $5 to get in and laboriously made my way down the aisle. I wasn't given a program and had to search one out. Once I got it, I was appalled and outraged. The whole rest of the program was preaching, gospel singing, Bible reading, Gospel reading (I remember wondering what the hell the difference was even in the dream) and then for the grand finale it just said "wait for it....wait for it..."
I dragged myself back up the aisle to the man who had just taken my $5 and asked for my money back. He refused to refund me because I had gone inside. I explained that it was for only a couple of minutes, it was between "acts" (thankfully) and how hard could it be for him to forget me when I had a walker? I waved the program in his face and said if I had been given one OUTSIDE as I should have been I wouldn't have had to go inside at all, I would have left immediately. I cited the whole "separation of church and state thing" and probably ranted a good bit. An older woman going in started talking about how Catholism wasn't part of Christianity which is ridiculous. I explained that there's Catholics which are one sect and then the Protestants which are many different sects but all of them are Christians and really I didn't care because I didn't want to be preached at or sing gospels at a PUBLIC SCHOOL but they just couldn't understand. A woman I had known in HS came up to me and said something about changing the channel or hitting the "next" button. I was exasperated by this. "It's not a radio--it's LIVE ACTS. In fact I don't even listen to radio because I hate commercials. I listen to Launchcast and if a song offends me I can block it forever or if I'm not in the mood I can just skip it. I'm skipping this and I want my money back."
But I couldn't get my money back.
When I woke up I thought about what a geek I am to dream about separation of church and state.

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