Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jaguar Nights 2007 is now in print, and a rant

I was just in Staples having Jaguar Nights 2007 printed up. It affected me so strongly, so unexpectedly, to see my name and picture above an ISBN. Seriously, I almost started to cry right there in the copy center. When I came back to work and kept thinking about it I DID cry, for just a minute, and then I felt stupid, and then I was angry at myself for feeling stupid. This is a life-long goal of mine and I can feel any damn way I please about it. I can cry or laugh or get a tattoo. Or do all 3.

But now I have to pause to do a serious rant against Staples.
I like Staples. I used to work there, at that very Staples, with some of the same people who still work there. I know for a fact that the copy center is 95-100% profit. (That is not a misprint.)
My decision was to print the calendar pages myself, on the self-serve copiers, and then have it bound by the Copy Center desk. I went there last week and picked out the paper I wanted and the cardstock for the cover. Today I bought a package of each (with a packet of stickers, total cost $20), lugged it over to the self-service copiers and went to town, making 7 calendars to start. I'm glad I only made 7 because I'm not crazy about the paper I chose now that I see it printed up--it's too flimsy.
210 black and white copies and 14 color copies later, I carried my carefully hand-collated calendars to the desk for binding. I was going to pay for the copies then but the woman waiting on me (who knows me by name since I used to work with her) said that I could pay later, at the same time as the binding. That's fine, one less check I have to write out.
She asked me what kind of covers I wanted. I explained that I printed my covers on cardstock so no covers were needed. She frowned and flipped through my books as she wrote down the totals. I pointed out that I used my own paper and asked if I got a discount.
Is that unreasonable? I used their ink and their electricity, and my paper.
Not only do I NOT get a discount...I get charged EXTRA.
I have to pay for cardstock copies EVEN THOUGH I PAID FOR THE CARDSTOCK SEPARATELY. I have to pay for colored-paper copies EVEN THOUGH I BOUGHT A REAM OF COLORED PAPER.
I have to figure out where else I can go to get these printed.

Anyway, Jaguar Nights 2007 NOW IN STOCK. Order today.

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