Friday, September 29, 2006

Bits of a dream 4 Chicchan 18 Chen
Happy burner day.

In the dream I had this morning, Willy and I lived in a different house. It was old and ramshackle, but large.
We must have just moved in because we were still discovering everything about it. I had a small Siamese cat and a ferret. I would never own a ferret but it seemed like someone had given him to me as a gift.
Beth had come over to help me clean up and move things around. In the backyard we found this large wire pen. Off the pen were 3 smaller shed-like structures, but open fronted, almost like stalls for animals. There were blackberry bushes growing everywhere with ripe fruit and I made a mental note to call my dad who loves blackberries.
I don't remember HOW we found it, but we found a very young raccoon who was somehow wrapped in wire. Not loose wire but wire fencing, made of 3" or 4" squares. The wire had cut into the animal's skin and it was bleeding and infected. First we trapped the raccoon in the basement but my cat was down there and we were afraid they would fight. So we got the cat out of there and went to call the dog warden. It was a strange town (not one I know now) and the dog warden wasn't listed in the blue pages so we were looking in the white pages but couldn't find it there either so I decided to shove the raccoon into a cat carrier and take him to the vet, who treats wildlife for free. I hoped they wouldn't put him to sleep and I had vague hopes of getting him to live in the shed area as a kind of pet.
I brought him to the vet and when I came back Beth and Will had made a huge advance in cleaning. They had torn down the wire fence and pens, to my dismay, but set up a kind of outside party area, with 3 walls of shelves under a roof, which housed stereo equipment and other stuff. There were two white appliances out there too, not dissimilar to a washer and dryer, which they weren't, but I can't remember what they WERE, only that it made sense at the time for them to be out there. There was a fridge out there too.
In another part of the yard they had set up this weird little shooting range. People were coming over and paying us $10 to shoot these clear plastic disks at each other. It was very strange. There was a gay black man there shooting who was from a different dream I also had last night.
In that dream I was in an airport and one of my friends flipped out and attacked a security person for reasons I don't remember. They dressed her in camo and put a sash on her with a bunch of foreign words written on it. One of them was Reiki (she was a Reiki person). Security took a bunch of pictures and video of her dressed like that. Then I got mad and tried to rescue her. The black guy was there and I punched him in the crotch and told him he had a tiny penis (I felt it when I punched him) and to my surprise he thought that was funny and laughed and agreed.

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