Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Goddess dream 1 Muluc 2 Chen
This morning the Goddess came to me in a dream. The dream itself was odd but not remarkably so, up to that point. It was a large old building of some kind--school, enormous house, school that used to be an enormous house, something like that--and there was someone doing a combination magic/mesmerism act. In fact it may have been a school to learn magic/mesmerism. There was a zoo next door. In this world it was the fashion to have enormous versions of common animals in zoos--they were overfed and overbred to get this way. Right next to the building was the zoo's exhibit of giant iguanas. These iguanas were at least 20 feet long. Somehow they broke out of their exhibit and came in through some open windows and were terrorizing this other building. In real life a green iguana is a quiet thing. A wild one will run from humans. They have very sharp claws, like kitten claws only much larger, but they don't really attack with them, just hold on. They are vegetarian. These iguanas were fearless and omnivorous, chasing people down and eating them. Little pockets of people tried to barricade themselves in various rooms and call for help, but the thick walls limited cell phone contact and the iguanas would batter down the door.
If you are getting a kind of 50's movie feeling about this, yes, that's what it looked like, but the "graphics" were seamless.
The main magician/teacher, a woman, opened a hidden door which led into a basement. I just went into my basement and there are 11 steps. This dream basement had more steps, but not a lot more. 13? 15? Definitely an odd number. At the bottom of the steps was a stone wall to the front and left, so you could only go right. This was a kind of typical old fashioned basement room except that beneath the stairs were stacked cases of Nag Champa incense. The room continued on into the gloom behind and around the stairs. Somehow I know that if a person kept walking, the room behind and around the stairs was more like a cave, and you could walk forever, spiraling down into the earth. But the dream didn't take me there. (Not that "I" was there except as a camera; I wasn't a character.)
The teacher, who was young, in her 20's, bowed her head and waited. She had a student with her, a teenage girl who had no idea where she was. And then the Goddess came around the spiral from behind the stairs. She appeared to be in her 40's. She had dark hair, to just below her shoulders, with a little bit of wave. Her face was perfect--she didn't look 20 but she wasn't wrinkled or anything either. Her body was softly rounded (not pregnant) under some kind of flowing garment. At first she wasn't happy that the teacher had brought a student but the teacher explained about the lizards.
I find this interesting, that the goddess didn't know about the lizards until she was told. It makes me wonder about the omnipotence of the gods. Do they only know what they are TOLD? Are they not actually watching us all the time? Then again, it's a huge job to watch people 24/7 so maybe they do depend on us to tell them the important things.
It seemed like the Goddess couldn't leave the basement but she did promise to help somehow. I woke up shortly after that but it seemed like the teacher left some men in the Goddess's basement grotto which pissed her off and maybe the teacher got eaten or imprisoned by the lizards, leaving the teenager in charge.
I know if I didn't get woken up I wouldn't remember, but I wish I knew more.

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