Friday, September 01, 2006

weird dream 2 Caban 10 Mol

I just had a weird dream. I only remember a bit of it. I was back in high school but physically the size I was as a college freshman. We were all in gym class. For some reason the gym floor was covered with ice. There was a pavilion set up, anchored to the ice, and we were playing basketball inside of it. Well, the boys were--the girls were outside waiting their turn. It was while I was waiting that I noticed that the floor was ice. Then all of a sudden the gym teacher said we had to leave, we were being evacuated. I had a gym bag with me like I carry now to the pool, and I was hurrying in line carrying it and my purse. I finally stopped to shove the purse into the bag and got separated from some of my friends. I ended up huddling in this little alcove on the outside of the building--kind of like a bus stop area. No wall in front, just on the sides. Some other girls came in and they had the most extraordinary facial piercings I'd ever seen (and when I was in high school, it was a big deal to have 2 holes in each ear--the really daring and crazy had 3). This one girl had so many barbell through her face she looked like a porcupine. The barbells were one-sided (like lower lip ones) and instead of having a single stainless steel ball they each had lots of blue and purple beads. She probably had....30? 50? A lot. She was upset at the evacuation and also talking about her piercings, saying how much antiseptic got used before they pierced her face. Another girl came in and she had similar beaded piercings in her ears...but in her EAR CANAL sticking out like q-tips. Some of the wires she had bent at right angles so she had beaded wires coming straight out, and pointing up and down and forward and back. I thought it was ugly AND that if someone slapped the side of her head, the wires would burst her eardrums and break into her brain and kill her.
The girl with the facial piercings started to take hers out and move them around. They weren't real piercings, just jewelry wire with very sharp ends. Her face was bleeding and it was obvious she was going to have scars.
Then someone said that the security guard assigned to our area was coming to kill us, that he was going to go inside the building and shoot us through the brick wall, and everyone started to panic, even though no gun can shoot through a brick wall (not anything carried regularly anyway) and that's when I had to get up.

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