Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Aztec ruins found in Mexico City 10 Chuen 4 Yax
They found another part of the Templo Mayor (clearly a Spanish name) in Mexico city.
Mexican archeologists have found what may be the most significant Aztec ruin in decades, with the unearthing of an altar and a monolith....The 15th-century altar, part of the Aztec empire's main temple, was uncovered last weekend near the city's main Zocalo square along with the 11-foot (3.5-meter) stone slab, most of which is still buried under earth....The altar has a frieze of the rain god Tlaloc and another figure related to an agricultural rite....The Aztecs began building the Templo Mayor pyramid-shaped temple in 1375. Its ruins are now only yards from downtown's choking traffic. It was first excavated in 1978 after electricity workers found an eight-ton carving of an Aztec goddess.Spanish conquistadors destroyed the temple when they razed the city in 1521 and used its stones to help build their own capital.
Photos come from the same source.
Left picture is: This Aztec god (Tlaloc/rain) carving was found in Mexico City along with an altar and a monolith
Right picture is: This ancient 15th century Aztec agricultural deity was part of an altar unearthed in Mexico City.

I wonder how different Mexico would be if almost every bit of their native culture hadn't been burned, smashed or killed. What could we have learned from them? Would they still have been the poor nation they are today?

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