Saturday, April 23, 2005

Order of the Feathered Serpent Initiate am I

I am about to recieve my 3d lesson in the Order of the Feathered Serpent. One of the tasks put to me was that I keep some kind of journal of how I'm incorporating the things I'm reading into my life and what changes are happening. I already have two other blogs, about my weight loss efforts and my father's Alzheimer's. There will be overlap--after all, they are all me--but I will try to keep to the subject here, which will be dreams and rituals and the calendar.
Before I even received the first lesson, I had confirmation that the energy in me was changing as I came down with a hideous case of pink eye--this was in February. I often get pink eye when I get a Reiki attunement, which I hadn't gotten in some time.
Since then, I have learned a method of shamanic healing called Ama Deus ("I love god"), which I have taught to my OFS leader. My efforts to get bariatic surgery have been halted by an implacable outside force, showing me that probably that's not the way for me after all. I have gotten my house professionally cleaned several times and embarked on a personal cleansing regimen of herbs, colonics, liver flushes and highly restricted eating (eliminating reactive foods). With a friend, I am designing a portable sweat lodge (I have no room in my yard for a permanent one), and I was also very active in another project called the Feng Shui of Food. I am in therapy, and making lots of changes in my life.
Today, I am having a group of friends come over to make tobacco ties, something I had never heard of until I got lesson #2. We are going to use them in the ritual next week for Beltane/Mayday. I can't remember what book I read it in, but I saw a description of a ceremony where string was used in a unique way to tie the participants together and send energy, love, healing, etc, and I am writing that into the Beltane ritual.

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