Wednesday, April 27, 2005

fragmented dream

I'm in this one too. Whoo-hoo
My mother traded in some car that she doesn't own in real life and bought a Hyundai Tucson, which is their new smaller SUV. It was black. I could not understand why she did it, because they already have my dad's pick-up truck and my mom's Santa Fe SUV. My dad's name was not put on the Tucson and he was upset, "another thing being taken from me" but eventually he made his peace with it and said it was probably better if he had nothing to do with the new vehicle. (He's got Alzheimer's, beginning stages. See my other blog.)
Meanwhile, still at my parents' house, there was this deck at the side of the house, stretching from my parents' bedroom and my old room to Velardi's house. My husband and I were up there decorating for Christmas, but it was warm out. I wanted to decorate a life-sized Yoda statue, which we had gotten from my cousin, but my husband had concerns over it being stolen. And yes, that sentence was deliberately ambiguous, because even in the dream I didn't understand if my cousin had stolen the statue or if my husband was worried someone would steal it from us. I wrapped a long silver garland around it and tied the statue to the drainpipe. That's when my mom came home with the new Tucson.
Can't remember any more.

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