Monday, April 25, 2005

if everything that happens to me is my fault....

I had therapy today and my inner child was very vocal. Not screaming bratty vocal, but actually speaking up and talking.
She pointed out something very obvious to me.
Everything that happens is my fault.
I let it all in.
I allow it all to happen.
I create my world.
Basic shamanic principles that I KNOW, but somehow they are smacking me in the face today.
Therefore, all this drama and mess about eating and gaining weight and being sick is something I created and/or allowed.
If food makes me sick, I let it happen. If food makes me fat, I let it happen. If I show a reaction to food on a machine, I let that happen too.
So why am I letting all this happen? And the big question, which my child asked, is "why can't I do/eat/think what I want and create the world so I am happy and healthy doing it?" Why does everything have to be so difficult?
My therapist says, well everything has a vibration, it's all energy, and it affects you.
That is so, but only because I allow it to affect me, right?
If a colonic makes my leg better, why can't a Big Mac do the same? (Not that I would eat a Big Mac, it's just an idea.)

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