Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dream (1 Ik)

Partially lost dream, which is a big deal because I'm in it: My husband and I were driving along North Plains Road, as if coming home from where he works. We were following an old, beat-up car which was towing a homemade trailer behind it. This trailer was full of albino snakes (not true white, but yellow with bands of light brown, like a sepia-toned black and white photo of a corn or king or coral snake) and on top of the snakes was a small cat/large kitten (cattin). I think the cat was grey and white and rather fluffy. The trailer hit a bump and the cat and the snakes flew off into the underbrush near PNA park (where there is, in fact, no underbrush). Worried about the cattin, we stopped and looked for it. We did not see it, and I don't think we saw any of the snakes either. The man driving the car came back in a panic when he realized he'd lost his snakes and kitty. We explained we could not find the kitty. Somehow we became friends with the man, who name might have been Alex or Allen, something like that. We brought him with us to some kind of gathering where he met a friend of mine from High School, T (who in reality I haven't seen or talked to since graduation). Apparently they hit it off, because she came up to me and asked me to be in her wedding, which was scheduled for August 18, and she was marrying Al (whatever his name was). I thought it was kind of strange, but whatever. Not my life. Then Al came up to me and tried to show me his journal of writing, saying he'd never shown it to anyone before in his whole life. I couldn't understand why he would trust me like that-a stranger. But I opened the little book. It was like an autograph book. Each page had been torn out, typed on, and taped back in. The typewriter ink was actually Ragu sauce. (I don't know how I knew this!). The writing was juvenile and not that good, and I did not want to hurt his feelings. I realized he was hitting on me, which made me uncomfortable because #1 he was almost a total stranger #2 he was, as he put it, "one step above homeless" and #3 he was engaged to my friend. (Notice that I didn't mention the fact that I was already married to the list!) He was talking to me about his snakes and being bitten by them, and I learned that they had followed him to where we were. Unfortunately I don't remember anything else.

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