Thursday, April 28, 2005

Offerings to the Pool of Soul & what is Itza

Offerings Posted by Hello

As part of my training elsewhere, I learned to always offer "itza"--essense--for all my rituals. Itza is your blood or any other body fluid, candle wax, dead incense, flowers, herbs or tobacco (I probably forget some, but you get it). This offering is made up of candle wax from a money candle & a wedding candle (one that was used at a wedding), burnt-up copal, nag champa stubs, and a dead flower from the 0 Pop ritual.

So I gathered all this together, and drove the short distance to my "Pool of Souls" which is the nearest body of water to the West. Actually I drive North to get to it, but it ends up to my west eventually. It's the Quinnipiac River (portrayed in the next few posts), which right now is very high due to lots of April showers.

My method is to toss my offerings into the upstream side of the river, cross the bridge, and wait for the offerings to appear. Sometimes when the water is really low and stagnant they just hover there on the other side. Today, I had to wait about ten minutes (during which time I took all those photos) because the wind was blowing so hard upstream. But finally the flower did come through. :)

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