Thursday, March 02, 2006

Apocalypto: the Mel Gibson Mayan Movie

My friend saw this trailer and said she immediately thought of me. She couldn't remember the name, but I was able to find it. Apocalytpo is the new Mel Gibson film about the end of the Maya's civilization. Filmed in Mayan. With native actors.
Of course I'll go see it. That's not in question.
But I have to question the historical accuracy when it's set 600 years ago, after the Mayan civilization already had declined...and...the opening graphic of the website is...the sun stone. The AZTEC sun stone (aka calendar stone).
And now I've watched the trailer. It's got an impressive scene at the end of a guy on top of a pyramid. Mostly it's people running through the jungle. And a black jaguar.
But's MAYAN.
Mostly the site isn't up--everything says "coming soon" but I signed up for updates.
Why couldn't he have just filmed Gary Jennings' Aztec?

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