Thursday, February 23, 2006

the universe is screwing with me 7 Manik 5 Kayab (day 7/260)

I said, I'm not going to teach Reiki anymore.
And I went upstairs and packed up all my Reiki stuff into a box. I cleaned up my former "reiki room" and made it into my Body Shop at Home office. I put both my massage tables into the closet with my reflexology chair and said "that's that."
Then my friend decided to go for Shamballa levels 3 and 4 (yes, she'll be my first "virgin" master). My other friend might want level 4.
I just met a lady online who wants to start level 1.
And someone emailed me from NY state wanting Mayan Reiki.
What the hell? This is more students than I had all of last year.
I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it.
Then again, my Tzolkin of worshipping Queztalcoatl ended 7 days ago, didn't it? Is this how it happens?

In his guise of Thoth (did I tell you about that? Anyway, it's been made known to me that Queztalcoatl/Kukulkan=Thoth.), Q came to my level 3/4 student during her level 3 channeled meditation and BLEW HER MIND with the stuff he told her. He had come to her once before, not through me. I couldn't tell you what happened, because as soon as I finished channeling to her, my mind was wiped. I know where I took her (I could draw it), and how we got there, but not what was said. It wasn't even for me. She wrote me an email a few days later asking to clarify a point and I had to admit that I didn't even remember that much. Freaky.

Anyway, happy 7 Manik. Just as I was about to type "don't be used" as today's advice, I realized I was listening to the Eurythmics singing "sweet dreams are made of this" and the lyric "some of them want to use you and some of them want to be abused" --pretty accurate for a 7 Manik day.

I guess the Universe is still talking to me after all.

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