Monday, February 13, 2006

weird dream

I had this crazy dream this morning around dawn.
It started out as kind of a typical romance novel thing, but the people in it were older. Almost elderly. This woman was sent out by her family to scope out a guy that they wanted for her older sister (or possibly her mom, not sure what the relationship was) but when she met the guy, he was much too young for the other woman and she wanted him for herself. He didn't know she was part of the family he was on his way to visit, and when he did find out he got mad at her. He stayed with the older lady during the gathering, pissing off the younger one. So far, typical romance-novel conflict, right?
Then they both turned into werewolves and had some werewolf adventures and ended up together.
So do I write this story as a straight romance, or do I write a werewolf romance?
My new therapist likes dreams, maybe I should bring her THIS one!

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Anonymous said...

lol, that is a cool dream