Thursday, February 16, 2006

non stick pans cause cancer

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EPA board: Nonstick pans might contain carcinogen

Panel says chemical used in Teflon likely causes cancer

I have five pet parrots. I don't allow non-stick pans in my house. The gases given off by an overheated non-stick pan are FATAL to birds. FATAL. Convulsions, death within 15 minutes.
WHY WHY WHY would you want something that causes fatal convulsions in another living creature IN YOUR HOUSE? Why would you COOK YOUR FOOD IN IT? Just to save yourself a minute of scrubbing time? Soak the damn pan overnight.
Miners used to bring canaries into the mines knowing how sensitive birds are to poison gas and bad air. If the canary keeled over, the miners got the hell out. But if your parakeet keels over because the bacon burned while you were on the phone, that's okay?
I hope they take this stuff off the market for good.

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